"Pioneers of Mars" now available on new album of space exploration songs
Prometheus Music, a U.S. based specialty label has released a new CD, "To Touch the Stars", an album of songs that celebrate the history and future of human space exploration.

This album has received enthusiastic endorsements from astronaut Buzz Aldrin and influential space author and Mars expert Dr. Robert Zubrin among others.

The project grew out of a partnership between Prometheus, the Mars Society, and the National Space Society (NSS). "If we are to win the hearts and souls of humanity to the vision of a spacefaring future, the space exploration movement must also develop its songs," says Zubrin.

Included in this wonderful collection is "Pioneers of Mars," a powerful work written by Toronto partners in life and song Karen Linsley and Lloyd Landa. The composition was awarded first place in the Mars Society's Rouget de Lisle songwriting competition, the purpose of which was to find an official anthem for Mars exploration. The song celebrates the invincible capacity for hope within the human spirit. The hope that will allow pioneers in the future to make a new home for humanity on Mars.

Co-author Landa did not live to see his dream actualized. Ten days before the song's public debut at the Third International Mars Society Convention, he was taken by a heart attack. Linsley performed with tears in her eyes to a standing ovation. Exhorting the audience of Mars enthusiasts Linsley exclaimed, "Get to Mars. And when the notes of this song are heard on Martian soil, he will live again." In the words of Dr. Zubrin, "I have never been so moved."

In addition to Lloyd Landa, and Karen Linsley's inspirational tune, contributions were made by New Folk legend Christine Lavin, Gunnar Madsen (Founder, The Bobs) among others. Song topics range from the scientific, to the historic, to the whimsical. The CD includes forewords by NSS Executive Director Brian Chase and Zubrin.

North Carolina songwriter and author Stan Clardy also contributed to the CD. His song "Big Blue Sky" is a story of childhood dreams brought to a reality in witnessing the drama of space exploration. "It's a real thrill to be a part of this project." said the Statesville NC resident. "Space exploration has been a passion of mine for years, and this CD couldn't be released at a better time. The interest in space is growing daily and these songs are sure to inspire many people."

Buzz Aldrin, the legendary Apollo 11 Astronaut, offered his endorsement for the CD after being moved to tears by "Fire in the Sky," another song recorded for the album:

"As someone who has actually set foot on the threshold of space and experienced firsthand its majesty and the incredible potential it holds for the human race, I am thrilled by this new collection of original songs celebrating the beginnings of our great endeavor to reach for the stars."

"Pioneers of Mars" and six other songs may be heard over the Internet at
For further information and review or airplay copies of the "To Touch the Stars" CD, please contact: Mr. Eli Goldberg Proprietor, Prometheus Music

Additional contacts: Stan Clardy Gray Note Productions (704) 871-8287